When you bought your house, the neighborhood was probably a great one, or you wouldn't have chosen to live there, right? Or, maybe you want to live in a particular area of your city, maybe because it is very close to your workplace. Maybe you want to live in that particular neighborhood because the school district is an excellent one. The fact that you already know that there is a lot of crime in the neighborhood might have you thinking that it's time to add protection to your life. From buying bullet-resistant doors and adding wrought iron treatments to your windows to forming a neighborhood watch team, here are some ideas that might help you to know that you and your family will be safe.

Doors And Windows - Purchasing bullet-resistant doors for your house is more than likely one of the best things you can do to keep your family safe. Of course, you could buy a plain metal door for your front entrance, but that probably wouldn't be very attractive. Think about purchasing a beautiful wooden door that has been treated in a way to make it bullet-resistant. The company that sells bullet-resistant doors will have several designs from which you can make your choice. Think of buying pretty wrought iron window treatments that will keep people from going into your home, too. Unfortunately, this type of door and window might cost you some big bucks. However, it might be the best money you spend. 

Neighborhood Watch Teams - Do you already have an active Home Owners Association, an HOA? If not, consider starting one yourself. Whether it's an HOA that is already established, or whether it's a new one that you create, at the next meeting consider bringing up the subject of danger in your area. Think of establishing team captains that represent a street or a section of the neighborhood. Make sure that a trusted person has contact information for everybody on his or her team.

Think of inviting a policeman or a policewoman to the meeting. Ask the police to teach your group about how to keep their homes and their families safe. And, if you have children, remind them never to walk by themselves. In fact, instead of just walking with one buddy, consider asking them to always walk in a group, or to wait until an adult can accompany them.  

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