You are sitting in your chair reading a book next to the window when you feel it. A draft of cool, autumn air moves past you. Your window has a draft issue and that's a problem that most homeowners will want to fix ASAP. One way to fix a bad window would of course be to install new frames or an entirely new window. There's another option though you might want to look at first though, and that's window inserts. Here's why going with inserts might be the right choice for fixing up your interior windows.

It's Much Less Expensive Than Full Replacement

Window inserts add another layer between the air from outside and the inside of your house. They can be quite effective at fixing a drafty window but at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement. If you simply don't have the budget for full replacement or you would prefer to hold onto your money for other household projects, going with window inserts is a smart compromise that will fix your problem without breaking the bank account.

Window Inserts Are Smart Even If the Draft Isn't That Bad

If your window is just a little drafty but not a major issue, window inserts are still a smart decision. The additional barrier will provide insulation that can bring down your energy costs month after month. With less air from the home escaping and less cold air from the outside making its way into your home, your HVAC system will not have to work as hard and can turn itself off more frequently instead of having to stay on all the time.

Get Help with Keeping the Noise Down

Window inserts can also be used to solve other problems besides a draft. Are there neighborhood kids who are always loudly playing outside after school while you are still trying to work from home? Is there construction going on nearby or road work that doesn't look like it will be done anytime soon? Does the sound of traffic or local wildlife wake you up in the morning or keep you up at night? Window inserts can serve as an additional barrier against the incoming sound. You'll be able to stay focused or stay asleep without distractions from outside getting in your way.

Window inserts are a smart solution for a homeowner looking to keep home maintenance and repair costs down while still providing an effective way to fix a drafty window or bring some additional peace and quiet to your home. For more information, contact a window installation company like Pat's Doors Inc.