Overhead doors are a common feature of commercial buildings that will need in order to receive shipments from trucks or other large vehicles. Eventually, your building's overhead doors will suffer enough wear for them to be replaced. When you are considering your replacement options, it is important to take a mindful approach to the types of features that you want from your door.

The Security Features The Door Provides

The overhead doors for your business can be fairly large entryways to the structure. Not surprisingly, this can make them a potential target for criminals looking to gain access to the building. As a result, the overall security of the overhead doors that you are considering should be assessed. In addition to choosing a door that is extremely resistant to forced entry, you may also want to opt for a door model that can be integrated with your building's security system. If the overhead doors have glass windows, the strength of the glass will be a major security issue, which can make it worth investing in high-quality impact-resistant glass panels so that individuals could not easily break them.

The Noise That The Door Will Make During Operation

Unfortunately, there are many overhead door options that will be extremely loud when they are in operation. This can lead to the sounds of these doors opening and closing traveling throughout the facility. For buildings that have retail or office spaces in them, these sounds can be extremely disruptive. Luckily, there are commercial overhead door options that are designed to be as quiet as possible so that these issues can be minimized. Reviewing the noise rating for the doors can ensure you are choosing the quietest option for your budget.

The Amount Of Space The Door Will Need

Overhead doors are fairly large and complicated systems. In addition to the door itself, there will need to be enough interior space to accommodate the opener as well as the railing that the door will follow. As part of the preparation process for installing a commercial overhead door in your business, you should take the time to thoroughly measure the height of the ceilings and the amount of space that can be dedicated to the railing. Many commercial overhead door installation contractors can offer this type of initial assessment to help you with choosing a door that will provide you with the functionality that our building needs while also being compatible with the available space. 

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